Epic Dasorine is in business over a decade, with its main manufacturing unit is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is well known family run business, led by a group of expertise in the industry. Our objective is to be built high quality surgical instruments according to customers’ requirements at a competitive price.


In order to serve our valued clients special needs, we are not limited to build instruments; we also bring down many special instruments from overseas in order to complete our clients special needs.


We emphasize our motto is the total customer satisfaction from first contract to delivery with best and honest service.



Emergency department

Endoscope camera head

Surgical / Medical equipment is needed to facilitate in realizing the various purposes of both diagnosis, treatment, prevention and reduction of disease Material from the health equipment itself depends on the expected function, there is a need to care and has spread across several stores, where many types and options can be obtained


In our Surgical and examination lighting and equipment management systems, We understand the unique patient needs presented to emergency care providers. We strive to provide lighting and equipment management systems that optimize the work flow within these environments, which facilitates your focus on the patient.

What the players in the field of minimally invasive medicine expect today from a camera is the combination of great resolution, natural color reproduction, high quality manufacturing, and the greatest ease of use possible. The LEMKE Full HD-Camera is the result of all these requirements. It produces sharp, true-color images, and is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. The Full HD-Camera provides targeted profiles that enable the diagnosis and treatment of the most important medical applications: laparoscopy, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and urology.

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